ProfSoft Solutions (Pty) Ltd has combined the diverse set of accounting, systems, consulting and technical skills to create a unique integrated solution for the Professional Accountant and Consulting markets since 1992.

Our philosophy is to treat every client as a long-term strategic partner and to contribute and learn from every interaction. We build solutions around our customer's needs, through understanding their business and by delivering on the latest technology that enhance and grow their business.

We strive to satisfy the modern business demand for greater cost-effectiveness and competitive advantage through flexibility, agility and speed. We continuously encapsulate knowledge and best practices into our systems to deliver long-term value.


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Web Based System

Access anytime anywhere

Capture & Manage

Timesheet, Expense Claims, Leave, Overtime, Fees, Invoices, Credit notes, Receipts.

Approve & Reject

Timesheet, Overtime, Leave, Expenses, Fees, Invoices, Credit notes or Receipts

Notification Dashboard

Stay in control using our Notification Dashboard. Overview of Timesheets. Overtime, Leave, Expense Claims, Fees, Invoices, Credit notes, Receipts.

System Stats

Get an overview of all the Costing and Debtors activity.

Planning & Management

Planning and Budgeting controls. Ledger and planning reports.

Productivity & Profitability

Produce Open Item, Balance Forward or a combination of fees. Report on time recovered through billings.


All reports are date driven. reports available in pdf, excel, word, html.

Receipts module

Open item or unallocated receipts. de-allocate or reallocate entries.

Interest module
Email module

Email statements directly to clients with one click. Customised corporate identity on debtors documents. Customise documents depending on transaction office within an entity.

Standard Email Messages & Narrations

Allows you to create standard message and narrations.

Multidimensional data
Multi transactional
Multilevel projects

Main and sub projects. Templates, Daily staff and expense budgets.

General Ledger mapping
Creditors mapping
Enquire Screens

Allows you to get all the entities information on screen

Audit trails
Roles modules

Control movement in the system. allowing you control over who sees what


Web Based System

Access anytime anywhere

Regulatory requirements

Complies with the Companies Act 2008 and CIPC forms.

Beneficial Ownership

Trust and Corporates

Organogram, data reports, other.

Full history register

All transactions, including share split and conversions of share classes are retained.

Complete Red Register

Includes special resolutions. Register of sessions and pledgers interest register. Land and building register. Register of transfer secretaries.

Share register

Multi share classes. Allotments. Reverse allotments. Redeem shares. Premium reductions. Buy backs. Debentures and linked debentures. Full history.

Annual returns

Calculate and report and email letters.

Audit committee

Maintain and advise on rotation.

Directors declaration

Declaration of interest in contracts.

Document status

Track all outstanding documents. Track whether submitted to CIPC, with tracking number. track whether registered by CIPC.

Name reservation
Global Resignation
Sticky notes

5 sticky notes per register.


FICA documents, signed forms and contracts can be attached to individuals and entities, securely uploaded for viewing from anywhere.

Client Enquiries

Access for clients to print register or info sheets online.


CIPC CoR forms, CIPRO CM/CK forms, form fillers, custom letters including directors, officers, secretaries and auditors appointment or resignation

Shareholders mail merge

Mail merge data of shareholders for AGMs and more.

Name swops

Company formations made easy. Template setup. Produce all relevant forms

CC conversions to PTY


Web Based System

Access anytime anywhere

ISV to eFiling integration

full eFiling integration open and maintain taxpayer records directly request, manage and submit provisional tax directly IT12/14

Global functionality

calculate or print IRP6

Single and batch submit

manage individual transactions or batch process.

Letter editor

feature rich letter editor.

SARS eFiling messages

complete feedback from SARS eFiling on status and errors of transactions.

Audit trails

full logs of all transactions.

Provisional Tax

eFiling request, manage and submit provisional tax directly.capture manual return history. listings, reports and IRP6 printing. capture and review payments on the same screen

Annual returns and assessments

capture both on one screen (as well as the corresponding assessment payment) review differences side by side on one screen. capture and review payments on the same screen


payment capture made easy

SARS and client queries

capture and manage

Client query tool

review client information per year, showing return type hierarchy 2013 PT –P1 –Pd 2012 AR –AS Pd


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